Oh What A World

5 04 2009

Sorry about the lack of updates folks, and I’m afraid I can’t promise anything about the near future.

RL bit me with a vengeance recently and I started feeling the burnout on my Witch Hunter. Since returning, I’ve found my guild imploded and rerolled Destruction, along with several friends quitting.



Dust Settles, Phoenix Rises

17 03 2009

(Yes, that’s a little play on the name of my server for those of you who haven’t managed to stalk me down yet)

Let’s start today with a quote from the glorious new official, Mythic-generated guide to Witch Hunters!

Witch Hunters don’t have big armour but it is possible to balance this weakness, at least a little bit, by increasing the ability with the weapons

delayed post = mild MMO burnout

delayed post = mild MMO burnout

I don’t know about you guys, but that answered all my questions.  OK, OK, I’ll stop; it could have been an EU player speaking outside their mother tongue and as a fairly well-educated linguist I know that English is arguably the hardest language to learn.

But then again, judging by the quality of text on the shiny new official Mythic forums, it wouldn’t surprise me if my ribbing is well-founded.  But Mythic are being good sports about the whole deal: most posters have proven unable either to write or read, as evidenced by the majority of discussion being outside the guidelines requested.  I’m still not certain why it was necessary to throw $$$ at official forums and not, say, developer salaries or server stability (or just more of them; WTB not sitting in a queue outside the Inevitable City while the other 23 members of my all-guild warband get phat lewt) BUT it does seem that some 1.2 changes are a direct product of Mythic reading and responding to feedback on their own forums, picking out valid topics of concern through rapidly expanding QQ cesspools, and for that I must commend them.

So with a quick nod to the title of this post and the wall of text it was threatening to become, thoughts on 1.2 now that everybody’s fairly well adjusted.

  • Witch Hunters are fine, even after the BAL nerf.  Killing tanks is MUCH harder than before, openers were gutted, but at least they didn’t screw stealth into the ground.  I’m killing things just fine, although I haven’t done much dueling against players of comparable gear (except to ambush high-RR Sorcs… mmmmngh yessss)  Pick Lock is amazingly fun, even if it mostly ends up a kamikaze tool with me dead and unrezzable.
  • Zone Domination is nice and in theory quite fair, but it’s definitely made zones (and fortresses!) on my server start flipping like hotcakes.
  • Choppas really hurt my alt Rune Priest and look too much like Black Orcs armor-wise, which is a bummer because that’s the biggest race in the game and should offer the most room for variation.  Not looking forward to facing them at 40, especially if tractor pull stays.
  • Made the mistake of taking up Cultivating to support my Apothecary skill, didn’t manage to get any/all BoP seeds solo farming in an hour as some people, so am apparently screwed.  Also spent lots of money levelling the skill, as I R DOIN IT WRONG
  • The Twisting Tower scenario, like Reikland Factory, was fantastic and ought to be brought back.  The Maw looks like it took about 10 minutes for a developer to toss together, and is just as boring as Reikland Hills.
  • Fuck the Windows key.

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Mod Job

9 02 2009

A few MMOs ago I started playing with simple modifications – UI skins (not texture skins, mind you; that’s a bannable offense in most games and lost me a Gladiator title when my partner got the boot for giving himself warglaives), editing some better songs in for the battle music in FFXI, etc.

Then, as I was sitting in half lotus sipping matcha and contemplating the nature of the virtual world, it dawned on me: none of this “default UI” stuff ever neatly or efficiently presents the information I need for my playstyle.  Who started this trend with the player’s health and status window in the far upper-right corner, hiding on the edge of the screen like an abuse victim?  Certainly not a PvPer or a healer, I’d wager.

clean/combat; note the large yellow text in the bottom frame now eliminated by AlertFilter

clean/combat; note the large yellow text in the bottom frame to be eliminated by AlertFilter

Long story short: I mod, and I like it.  I take a fairly minimalist approach, and my focus is on efficiency (i.e. I don’t care if a BW happened to tab-DOT my target, but I need to know if my CC runs out or snare needs to be reapplied).  Now I don’t want to become WARAR, but I thought I’d share a nifty few I’ve found with you all and hopefully inspire some to start modding.  While WAR’s API isn’t as friendly as WoW’s (yet!), there are some fantastic addon developers leading the fight for us.

AlertFilter: Maybe it’s because I’m a button masher, but whoever decided to stick virtually every kind of error message into huge size 72 font across your UI’s forehead needs to be reassigned.  AlertFilter redirects “out of range,” “not yet ready,” “cannot see your target,” etc. spam into your combat log.

MoraleSet: Creates morale setups like tactics’, and swaps amongst them alongside tactics.  Just plain handy.

Phantom: Hides all that ugly default UI stuff that the built-in Layout Editor won’t let you; sometimes a necessity e.g. you already have another mod managing player/target status that doesn’t disable the Mythic frames, or you need to get rid of that pesky empty actionbar.

zMiniMap (AKA Minmap, zmm): What happens when you try to put a round peg into a square box?  Wasted space.  A circular minimap is cute and all, minus the myriad of buttons and sliders hanging off it like some 2D Katamari Damacy experiment, but it’s not very efficient.  Cleans everything up into a nice square frame.

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